Pine Ave DG Boxing’s program provides youth with positive, healthy alternatives to the negative influences that surround them. Boxing provides exhilarating challenges that youth can successfully meet with preparation, training and a desire to succeed. We incorporate elements of proven youth development models with the sport of boxing to improve teens’ ability to thrive, despite their family and community challenges.

One out of five Long Beach residents live below the poverty line and underprivileged youths are at a higher risk of school dropout, substance abuse, violence and unintended pregnancy. Gang activity is an extremely prevalent problem in Long Beach and youths are far more susceptible to falling into a gang family and are searching for a place to feel at home. Pine Ave DG Boxing’s program fosters academic achievement; self-worth; and connectedness to peers, caring adults and the community. These factors have been shown to promote healthy youth development across a wide range of adolescents, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity.

Pine Ave DG Boxing’s Youth Program aims to be a vehicle for underprivileged youth in the Long Beach community to not only stay fit, but use boxing as a resource to stay out of trouble and put their focus into a skill that cultivates self-discipline and critical thinking skills. We provide the youth we serve with the support, relationships, and opportunities they need to become successful adults.

The program is currently in development and is looking for funding in order to expand and continue the great results the program has seen so far. Please ask for further details or if you would like to help.